Customized Private Taxi/Van Tour (包車服務)

Travel Beautiful Jeju-Island with Language speaking veteran driver




UNCLE HONG THE TOUR JEJU is a team that specializes in driving made up of native residents with 

extensive knowledge about Jeju Island, also known as 'The Jeju Experts' 

‘The Jeju Specialists’ Veteran drivers with numerous tour experiences and careers,

including local restaurants, hidden scenic spots and admission discount.

Buddymoon, family trip, group tour including package tour and more, we cater to variety of situations

We offer joyful trip to Jeju Island without any additional charges such as

Vehicle rental fee, foreign language speaking driver fee, parking fee, gas fee, insurance fee, tour guide and tour arrangement fee and others.


To increase Jeju Island tourists and to rise satisfaction
To become a company that contributes to the Jeju tourism industry

Deliver the ideal journey to the customers with the finest service

Develop various Jeju tour contents

Reservation Procedures

Reserve a vehicle according to the schedule
Reserve a vehicle according to the schedule
Confirm reservation on time
Confirm reservation on time
a down payment
(Countries with down payment difficulty can pay afterwards)
a down payment
(Countries with down payment difficulty can pay afterwards)
Discuss about schedule with your driver 1day before of the day
Discuss about schedule with your driver 1day before of the day
Start your Jeju trip!
Start your Jeju trip!

Recommended Vehicles

Travel Jeju with foreign language speaking veteran guide-driver

Expert Tourist guide for Foreigner available for group bus(Solati and above)

TAXI TOUR (3 passengers / 3 bags max)


Taxi perfect for small trip.

MINIVAN TOUR (5-7 pax/ 7 bags max)


Van fit for small groups, suitable for friendship trip and family trip to Jeju island.

SOLATI VAN TOUR (8-12 pax/10 bags max)

350.000krw  – only Chinese speaker

Travel wide, comfortable and safe with a more comfortable SOLATI tour wide enough to stand up.

MINIBUS TOUR (8-20 pax)

Suitable for group tours or group family tours where large buses are burdensome and vans are insufficient.

BUS (45 pax)

Suitable for group tour

Guide is necessary for Minibus and above, and guide fee will be charged separately.

Vehicle Tour Information

Travel Jeju with foreign language speaking veteran guide-driver

Expert Tourist guide for Foreigner available for group bus(Solati and above)

Hours of service
Requirements upon reservation
Name, Nationality, Number of People, Name of the Hotel, Flight Information, Pickup Point, Date of Use, Desired Vehicle, Whether PCR test required once arrive in Korea

Vehicle Rental + Foreign Language Speaking Driver Fee + Gas Fee + Parking Fee + Hotel-Airport Pick-up&Drop-off Service

(Applicable ONLY on the FIRST and LAST date of tour reservation) + Vehicle Insurance Fee


-Entrance fees, meals and other personal expenses are NOT included.

*Additional charges apply for every extra hour after 17:30 PM:

- TAXI & VAN:  20,000 won/hour

- SOLATI VAN: 30.000 won/hour

- BUS: 50.000 won/hour

- Please pay the additional charge to the driver at the end of the tour.

* additional charge applies for early pick-up to see sunrise- 100.000KRW

* Additional charge of 50.000KRW applies when both East course and West course availed in a day.

The tour course prioritizes the customer’s schedule.
(Fruitful schedule provided when allocation of course or schedule requested)
Route Guidance

The tour is conducted separately in the eastern and western regions.

Generally, eastern, western and southwestern preferred.

One-day tour is only available in the hotel direction, and 30,000 Won will be charged for other direction tour.

When tour for more than two days, one day eastern region and one day western region available regardless of the hotel location.
How to Meet the Driver

Van : Go to Exit 5 of Jeju International Airport, make a call or text and the driver will pick up.

Solati-Bus : Go to Exit 3, cross the street, and go to parking lot B1, B2, and B3 behind the parking tower.

Notice.  We do not provide ‘simple airport transportation’ or ‘airport transportation without tour availed
Payment Procedure

Pay the on-site payment amount(excluding deposit) in Korean Won to the driver when the tour starts

When paid in other currency, Selling Rate of corresponding currency on NAVER website will be applied

Cash payment basis, and by the tax law of Korea 10% of total amount is added for card payment

Refund Policy

Fully refunded for cancellation up to 7days before the reservation date

Fully refunded for those who were not able to enter Korea due to International Situation, Natural Disaster or Flight Cancellation.

Cancellation cannot be made due to weather or personal reasons on the previous day or the day of reservation,

If the cancellation is inevitable due to the above personal reasons,

100,000 Won/day charged as a cancellation fee for the reserved dates.

When tour already started: Midway cancellation is not allowed.


1. Complete your booking form

- you can book on booking page fill out the form(no need to pay deposit)

2. Confirmation message will be sent to you within 12 hours (from E-MAIL or WHATS APP)

Then, your reservation will be secured and confirmed

Recommended Course

ONLY one direction for one day. (EX: ONE DAY TO EAST, ONE DAY TO WEST-SOUTH)


- Manjang Cave

- Woljeongri Beach 

(or Sehwa Beach)

- Hamduk beach and seo

- Udo island

- Udo Submarine

- Seongsan Sunrise Peak

- Jeju Folk Village

- Seopikoji

- Seongeup Folk Village

- Jeju ECO Land

- Jeju Folk Village

- Rail Bike

- Kayak Fishing in Hado Sea Snorkeling, Paddleboarding & Kayaking

- Cookin' NANTA Show Jeju

- Jeju Jeolmul Recreational

- Yongduam Coastline (Pass through Aewol Coastal road)

- Mystery road

- Sangumburi


- Hyeopjae Beach


- O'Sulloc Tea Museum

- Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

- Yakcheonsa Temple

- Seogwipo Submarine

- Jeju Love Land

- Teddy Bear Museum Jeju

- Jeju Shooting Range

- Hallim Park

- The Ma Park

- Sanbang Mountain Cruise Ship 

- Yacht around Jusangjeoli

- Jet Boat around Jusangjeoli

- Hello Kitty Island

- Teddybear Museum

- Alive Museum

- Nohyung Supermarket

(media art)

- Cookin' NANTA Show Jeju

3SS Policy


Have drivers who provide customer-centric services to meet customer needs.


Vaccinated drivers with many years of experience guarantee safe and comfortable driving


UNCLE HONG THE TOUR JEJU, which occupies more than 80% of the vehicle, driver and staff arrangement support for international and domestic TV broadcast shooting in Jeju, Provide drivers with variety of customized contents who can tell special Jeju stories of broadcasting spots.

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